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About M&S

Aiming to be a company that can play a part in the progress of the world and the well-being of people
We continue to move into the future while accurately responding to advanced needs one by one.

M&S delivers solutions, with a focus on products for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, information technology and related fields, making cutting-edge technologies available in Japan.

We are constantly in step with trends in research, focusing on the hottest areas of research, in real-time as they are emerging.

Locations : Osaka / Tokyo
Established : February, 1966
Line of Business : Import and domestic distribution of scientific and analytical instruments

Compliance M&S Instruments includes not only compliance with laws, regulations and similar but also includes compliance with social standards and ethical practices as a company and as members of society.

As stated in our Compliance Policy, we believe that fair trade and competition are a critical element of compliance.