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About M&S

Company Activities

Comprehensive support for researchers
from technical information supplements
to after-sales service

M&S supports its customers through pre-purchase consultation, including offering scientific information in the relevant area, and post-purchase support including regular inspection and maintenance of the machine.
Our sales people and sales engineers are swift to adopt the latest technology and have in-depth knowledge of trends in domestic research activities. Our marketing group is the hub of internal and external information fl ow and is always ready to provide useful information to customers. Our engineering service group provides quick repairs and maintenance. Our applied technical group is always up to date with the latest scientific information and develops specific applications tailored to each customer.
These groups collaborate and as a whole are ready to meet any kinds of customers’ needs within the limited timeframe required.

A wide variety of product categories characterized by innovative features

M&S offers a wide range of products, mainly related to life science research. M&S develops our original applications for these products which provide a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Major Clients

Laboratories in national, public, and private universities. National institutes, Pharmaceutical companies, Chemical companies, Food companies, Biotec and related companies.

The category in Our Website

High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Drug Design and Lab Automation
Smple Preparation
Radioisotope Detection
Image Analysis and Imaging
Protein and Peptide
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Chillers and Isothermal Cooling Deviceis
General Laboratory Equipments
Biomarker Research