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About M&S

Compliance Policy

M&S Instruments Inc. Compliance Policy

I. Compliance by M&S Instruments Inc.

Compliance M&S Instruments includes not only compliance with laws, regulations and similar but also includes compliance with social standards and ethical practices as a company and as members of society.

II. Promotion of compliance within M&S Instruments Inc.

M&S Instruments shall promote compliance in good faith according to the following policies.

  1. M&S Instruments as a company shall strive to earn society’s respect.
  2. Employees of M&S Instruments shall act ethically.

III. Policy pledges

This policy comprises the following five core principles.

  1. Legal compliance
    M&S Instruments shall comply with all laws and regulations related to its management and business activities.
  2. Quality assurance
    M&S Instruments shall establish and strictly comply with globally applicable quality standards, management rules and procedures to ensure the quality of its products and accompanying services.
  3. Fair trade and competition
    In all management and business activities, M&S Instruments shall conduct trade appropriately with customers and other trading partners, and shall ensure fair competition with competing companies and similar.
  4. Appropriate handling of information
    M&S Instruments shall recognize the importance of information as a management resource, and shall appropriately handle both its own information and information belonging to other parties.
  5. Ensuring sound working conditions
    M&S Instruments shall respect the human rights and diversity of its employees, eliminate all forms of discrimination and provide suitable working conditions for employees to carry out their work.

IV. Compliance framework

M&S Instruments has established a compliance committee office in its Administrative Division to promote compliance in all divisions. The office is run by a compliance committee led by the President and CEO. Specific initiatives by this office include the following.

  1. The head of the Administrative Division has been appointed as compliance manager, and a compliance promoter has been appointed in each division to assist the compliance manager. These figures promote thorough compliance throughout the company.
  2. In addition to drafting company-wide compliance promotion policies, the compliance committee office provides support for compliance promotion activities in each division and plays an organizational or support role in compliance training for directors and all employees. The results of this work are reported within the company where necessary.
  3. The office provides an internal whistleblowing system. An internal whistleblowing consultation desk has been established and the details of the system are thoroughly communicated to prevent scandals and ensure that any scandals that do occur are detected early and prevented from reoccurring.
  4. An information management system has been built according to our Information Security Policy to manage information assets. Various measures have been taken to ensure appropriate use of personal information and prevent leakage, including establishing a privacy policy, disclosing the purposes for which personal information is used, establishing a dedicated desk for consultations and complaints regarding personal information and providing training for employees on how to handle personal information.
  5. M&S Instruments has established, and complies with, a policy for the prevention of bribery and corrupt practices, taking into account relevant external conditions such as the social situation and laws and regulations about the prevention of bribery and corrupt practices.

Established January 5, 201